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We provide customer management solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. And it’s our job to be insanely great at it.

Entrenched, outdated processes limit agility. GLB's process transformation solves that.

  • Customer Engagement Transformation.

    From increasing customer acquisition rates to increasing sales, we focus on the total…

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  • Digital Transformation Services.

    Whether you have an existing digital process or want to build one, We can design…

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  • Business Process Transformation.

    We can make your company’s business processes work better and help you save costs.

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We Has Deep Domain Expertise Across a Range of Industries.

Delivering value and business results to clients from healthcare to financial services and everything in between.

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Water in Mauritius shah-shah-LAxWiJaxAQE-unsplash

Water in Mauritius

FOCUS AREA: The Water Resource Unit (WRU) in Mauritius is the central water authority responsible for monitoring the

Energy & Water in Zambia aaron-burden-rP1sy-UPAGE-unsplash

Energy & Water in Zambia

FOCUS AREA: The country heavily relies on hydropower, which is projected to be increasingly exposed to large climate

Energy in Tanzania Solar panel with cloudy sky warm

Energy in Tanzania

FOCUS AREA: While hydropower is currently the largest source of renewable electricity, solar and wind power are proje

Infrastructure in Tanzania troy-mortier-9qfH_EIzH6w-unsplash

Infrastructure in Tanzania

FOCUS AREA: The infrastructure sector is extremely vulnerable to extreme event such as heavy rainfall and heatwaves.

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