Our first internal EU FOCUS-Africa Workshop is in the works!


Each of the six Stakeholder Workshops will be ‘hosted’ in one of the eight case studies home countries, during the four-year project. They are organised to support the project in showcasing and sharing its results, and importantly to seek input and possible collaborations from stakeholders. 

The first workshop focuses on South Africa, it is comprised of Internal workshop which will take place from 30th November 2020 until 1st December 2020 and the External stakeholder workshopwhich will take place on 9th December 2020. 

This workshop will be followed by the External stakeholder workshop which will take place on 9th December 2020. For the first Internal Project stakeholder workshop, South Africa has been selected as the theme country. Therefore, planned discussions will focus on the related food security case study to incentivize a wider local participation.   

Workshop objectives    

  • Explore eight case studies objectives and how they are going to work.   
  • Identify the communalities across the four sectors: users’ challenges, requirements, methodologies.   
  • Foster connections and synergies across the project and case studies.   
  • Introduce the concept of Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI).   
  • Collect the requirements of the users   
  • Show case state of the project to engage with the stakeholders.   
  • Identify lessons learned from 2020 and COVID-19.   

Workshop draft agenda   

Day   Activities   Responsible   
Mon 30 Nov    Internal Project workshop – half day       
09.00-10:00   Introduction (plus icebreaker)      09:00-09:30:  Opening (overview of the meeting objectives) and Icebreaker.      09:30-10:00: Presentation for WP3 and WP4 (15min presentations each).   Roberta Boscolo          Nicolas Fournier (WP3)   Raul Marcos (WP4)   
10:00-11:15    Parallel case study breakout sessions     Expected outcome: Each group will prepare a workplan to present to the plenary.    Case study leaders      Facilitators:  TBD 
11:15-12:35   Plenary session       Expected outcome:  Expected output: Each group will present a workplan in the plenary.     Moderator: Alberto Troccoli  
12.30:12:45    Wrap up        
Tue 1 Dec    Internal Project workshop – half day    
09.00-09:45    Introduction on RRI (plus icebreaker)   Expected outcome:  RRI concept introduced    Yasmina Dkhissi   
 09:45-11:45   Parallel case study breakout sessions    The breakout sessions will be grouped based on sectors: Agriculture.  Expected outcomes: Better understanding of the systems’ dynamics that could influence the sustainability of the climate services, as well as specific actions that can be taken to foster its sustainability. Initiated list of RRI Actions.     Moderator    Jonathan Padavatan          Facilitators:   Yasmina Dkhissi,   Cosima Malandrino,  Niclette Bukasa-Kampata      
 11:45-13:00      Plenary session     Presentation of each sector group and discussion        Expected outcome:  Each sector representative to present key messages to the whole consortium       Moderator    Jonathan Padavatan      Facilitator:TBD