FOCUS-Africa 4th Stakeholder Workshop: Mozambique

Planning and organizing stakeholders’ workshops, as part of the project’s workpackage-1 activities, is instrumental for collecting inputs from internal and external entities that are engaged in the development of the FOCUS-Africa climate services. Workshops will be organized almost every 8 months featuring each time one of the countries involved in the case studies. Depending on the travel limitation imposed by the COVID pandemic, the workshops will be hosted virtually or by the targeted country. 

The First FA Stakeholders’ Workshop was focused on South Africa and took place virtually. It was comprised of Internal workshop (30 November – 1 December 2020) and external stakeholder workshop (9 December 2020) with a focus on related food security case study to incentivize a wider local participation. The Second FA Stakeholders’ Workshop was debuted by a one-day General Assembly virtual meeting that brought together the FA consortium members, close partners, AB members, EU officers and H2020 sister projects coordinators. This was followed by a two-day virtual FOCUS-Africa external stakeholders meeting focusing on the case studies in Tanzania for energy, infrastructure, and food security. The Third FA Stakeholders Workshop took place in a hybrid mode in South Africa 2022 to bring together the consortium members, close partners, advisory board (AB) members, European Union (EU) officers, and local stakeholders in South Africa and Mauritius to better understand the local needs and requirements for related case studies in food security and water. 

Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th May

Consortium Meeting in Maputo

Wednesday 10th May

4th Stakeholder Workshop in Macaneta


Thursday 11th & Friday 12th May

Training Activities in Macaneta

The objectives of this 4th stakeholder workshop:

  • Promote visibility of FOCUS-Africa project by showcasing the progress and challenges of the case study (3) in Mozambique 
  • Understand and review users’ requirements, perspectives, and strategies for climate services delivery in Mozambique, and other food security case studies (i.e. 1, South Africa, 2, Malawi, and 4, Tanzania), including discussion about the delivery of the trial climate services 
  • Better understand end-users’ requirements and assess the status of the stakeholder’s engagement 
  • Expand the stakeholder network in Mozambique 

Attendance to the workshop is by invitation only

The agenda will be shared soon