Our Work
(public results)

We aim to become the main reference for all future climate service projects in the SADC region by advancing the science of climate services and producing effective climate service delivery.

FOCUS-AFRICA will become a repository for knowledge and tools necessary in the development of practical and useful climate services to better tackle the risks of climate change.

Through the work of our project partners and strategic partnerships between European and SADC organisations, FOCUS-Africa build upon past and ongoing related projects and advance the way climate services are developed and used throughout the supply chain of end-users.

  • D3.2 Report on the analysis of the predictability of seasonal and decadal forecasts for the region and sectors of interest
  • D3.3 Report on the regional extreme events identification and variability
  • D4.1 Report on the verification of seasonal forecasts and the characterization of climate projections and decadal predictions
  • D4.2 Report on the multimodel and downscaling for seasonal forecasts, climate projections and decadal predictions
  • D4.3 Report on the verification of ECVs derived indices
  • D5.1 Report to document the data required, and a set of guidelines, for all CS prototype development
  • D5.5 A data catalogue providing the complete genotypic, climatic, and phenotypic
    characterization of the rice and cowpea accessions used in CS3
  • D6.5 Market analysis and SRA of the climate services
  • D7.1 Capacity Development needs and plan report
  • D7.3 Final report on the project capacity development implementation and results