Case Studies


Water in Mauritius

FOCUS AREA: The Water Sector in Mauritius relies on the monitoring of water collected in different reservoirs at diff


Energy & Water in Malawi

FOCUS AREA: The country heavily relies on hydropower, which is projected to be increasingly exposed to large climate

Solar panel with cloudy sky warm

Energy in Tanzania

FOCUS AREA: While hydropower is currently the largest source of renewable electricity, solar and wind power are proje


Infrastructure in Tanzania

FOCUS AREA: The infrastructure sector is extremely vulnerable to extreme event such as heavy rainfall and heatwaves.


Food security in Tanzania

FOCUS AREA: Over the last few decades, shifts in rainfall seasonality and prolonged dryspells, accompanied by outbrea


Food security in Mozambique

FOCUS AREA: Mozambique ranks third among African countries most exposed to weather-related hazards, suffering from pe


Food security in Malawi

FOCUS AREA: With much of the agricultural production coming from smallholder rain-fed systems, climatic shocks such a


Food security in South Africa

FOCUS AREA: Climate variability in the region exposes agricultural activities to periodic occurrence of multi-year dr