FOCUS-Africa: Second stakeholders engagement mission to Tanzania


The FOCUS-Africa project is working to implement tailored trial climate services in Tanzania. Specifically, the project is focusing on case studies 4, 5, and 6, which involve food security, infrastructure, and energy, respectively.

The project which is in partnership with TMA had initially identified the main end-users for each case study. Below are the case studies mentioned with the researchers and the end-users identified

  1. Climate Services for Food Security (Case study 4) with Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) as the researcher, Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) and Amigo as the service provider and Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) as the climate service user
  2. Climate Services for Infrastructure (Case study 5) with UK Met Office (MO) and University of Cape Town (UCT) as the researchers, TMA and AMIGO as the service provider and Infrastructure Design Engineers as the climate service user;
  3. Climate Services for Energy (Case study 6) with UK Met Office (MO) as the researcher, TMA and WEMC as the service providers and TANESCO as the climate services users.

As part of case study development, a second joint partner mission to the country is being planned by the project partners, specifically focusing on CS5 (infrastructure). This will be the second mission to the country based on the need for additional engagement and information to shape the technical aspects of CS5.

Mission objectives

  1. Face-to-face interaction between case study 5 team members in the consortium
  2. Advance technical aspects of case study 5 (Infrastructure) in collaboration with the Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA)
    1. Heat wave discussion and definition from TMA Central Forecasting
    1. Define meteorological indices relevant. (Peak flow intensity over catchment areas) Hydrology department from TMA and Ministry of Water
    1. Discuss other potential hazard and indices relevant for infrastructure.
  3. Engage with relevant infrastructure stakeholders and users for the climate services to be developed (ACET, Hydrology section and Ministry of Water)

Reason for the mission

The first mission to Tanzania advanced CS4 (Food security) and CS6 (Energy) through successful engagement with the end users, however this was not possible for CS5. A successful meeting was held with Prof. Pius Yanda from University of Dar es Salaam, however we were not able to meet with the end user, COWI, who did not have representation in Tanzania, and as a result very little progress has been made. Since then, COWI has withdrawn from the case study.

However, attempts have been made to remotely engage potential new stakeholders/ end users and several meetings have been held remotely. This has been only partly effective and advancing CS5 requires some in-person interaction and some joint technical work. This proposed smaller mission would work to build relationships and get the case study back on track. It is hoped that face to face meetings can be arranged with the following:

  • TMA Hydrology department – to understand current activities in estimating rainfall extremes at all timescales and discuss potential extension to climate change study
  • TMA Central Forecasting  – to understand their work on heatwaves and other extreme events
  • ACET (Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania) – continue the engagement on the identification of hazards relevant for the infrastructure sector and discuss use of indices related to these hazards which are used in this sector
  • Ministry of Water (MoA) – to understand current practices in estimating peak discharge and discuss how these practices could be used in a climate change context.