1st Training Workshop on TAMSAT-ALERT Drought Forecasting for Africa

The first Drought Forecasting (TAMSAT-ALERT) training workshop will take place between 12th-28th April 2021.
The overall aim of the workshop is to improve capacity in Africa to anticipate drought using the TAMSAT-ALERT tool. The workshop will be split into two parts. The first will explore the challenges involved in anticipating drought and will examine drought forecasting tools currently available. Specifically, the course will focus on the TAMSAT-ALERT approach to drought forecasting and use of TAMSAT-ALERT forecasts in agricultural and humanitarian planning. In the second part of the course, participants will use and apply the TAMSAT-ALERT tool. This will include a range of practical exercises to develop technical abilities to run and interpret TAMSAT-ALERT forecasts. With the support of facilitators, participants will develop their own bespoke forecasts for their region of interest.

The workshop will be split over six online live plenary sessions alongside offline sessions to support your learning of the topics covered. The course is aimed at students and professionals concerned with drought risk management across Africa, although those from other sectors are welcome to attend. The course is free to attend.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please complete the form below. A workshop information pack will then be emailed to you in early April.

If you have any questions, please contact the workshop organiser, Vicky Boult (v.l.boult@reading.ac.uk).

We have identified eight case studies in the energy, food security, water and infrastructure sectors of the SADC region – to provide a range of examples where climate service delivery can be successfully implemented.