Climate services for a climate-resilient Europe: Success stories, lessons learnt, and remaining challenges

In the context of the European Green Deal, the new EU Adaptation strategy and the Horizon Europe Adaptation Mission, this workshop will:

  • Showcase the added-value and potential of climate services to mainstream adaptation across several sectors and different levels of decision-making.
  • Discuss barriers to full deployment of climate services, including institutional and legal issues, market barriers and capacity
  • Share lessons learnt and best practices, in view to overcome existing
  • Explore means of mobilizing resources for creating impacts at the scale needed to make Europe resilient to climate

The workshop builds on the results of a portfolio of Horizon 2020 projects, which contribute to the implementation of the European Research and Innovation Roadmap on Climate Services.

Stories from the H2020 projects are featured in the newly published Climate Services CORDIS Results Pack

We have identified eight case studies in the energy, food security, water and infrastructure sectors of the SADC region – to provide a range of examples where climate service delivery can be successfully implemented.