Outermost regions Forum 2020: Together for a sustainable future

The Outermost regions Forum 2020 is a high-level dialogue platform for the nine outermost regions of the European Union, their Member States, the European Union institutions and civil society.
This event brings together the Presidents of the outermost regions, Ministers from their Member States, the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms and other members of the Commission, stakeholders and experts interested in learning from the experience of these special EU regions.
The Forum will review progress made under the 2017 Communication on a renewed strategic partnership with the EU’s outermost regions. In addition, the Forum will address three major themes for the outermost regions: climate change and biodiversity, circular economy and blue economy.

Source: European Commission
We have identified eight case studies in the energy, food security, water and infrastructure sectors of the SADC region – to provide a range of examples where climate service delivery can be successfully implemented.