Symposium “Adapting Africa to a Changing Climate”

The Research and Transfer Centre “Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management”  at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, and the  International Climate Change Research and Information Programme (ICCIRP) are pleased to invite African climate change specialists, and specialists from other parts of the world working on matters related to climate change in Africa, to attend the on-line Symposium “Adapting Africa to a Changing Climate”.  Apart from the opportunity to become familiar with a set of initiatives focusing on climate change and agriculture, climate change and water supplies  and on studies on vulnerability and resilience from across the continent,  the publication “African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation” will be launched during the event.

Attendance to the Symposium “Adapting Africa to a Changing Climate” is free of charges. However, a  selection of participants, based on the need for a balanced representation from the various African regions, types of expertise, thematic interests and gender, will be made. Selected participants will be informed by 30th March 2021, when details about the programme, and on how to access the event, will be provided.

If you wish to be considered to attend the Symposium, please complete the registration form below by 10th March 2021.


10:00-10:05- Welcome by HAW Hamburg

10:05-10:20-  Welcome by BMZ/GIZ

10:20-11:00- Presentations -Session I

Break: 11:00-11:10

11:10-11:45 Presentations -Session II

11:45-12.00- Launching of the African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation and virtual tour through the publication

12:00- Event ends

12:00-13:00- Reserved for questions from the press in a different room

We have identified eight case studies in the energy, food security, water and infrastructure sectors of the SADC region – to provide a range of examples where climate service delivery can be successfully implemented.